miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

Entry n° 9 My version of the CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH corresponding to the essay analised in class.

A Call to Action: Regulate Use of Cell Phones on the Road.

       To conclude, expert testimony, public opinion, and even cartoons suggest that driving while phoning is very dangerous. Furthermore, scientific research confirms the dangers of using this kind of gadgets while on the road. Unfortunately, millions of people die because of this fact, around the world, every day.
Probably, after having read this text, the reader’s question is the following: is there any solution for this problem? And if there is one, what is it about? Most people believe that the establishment of stronger and homogeneous laws, legislated at national level is essential to reduce the amount of this kind of fatalities in all societies. Actually, laws on traffic safety vary from state to state, and drivers distracted by cell phones can get off with light punishment even when they cause fatal accidents. Fortunately, it has been proved that laws regulating phones use can make our roads safer. In Japan, for example, accidents linked to cell phones fell by 75% just a month after the country prohibited using a handheld phone while driving. Finally, with all this evidence, and because of mounting public awareness of the dangers of drivers distracted by phones, state legislators must begin to take the problem seriously and start to work on this.


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