viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Entry nº 3 I am a writer (final edition)

I am a writer

         I sometimes ask me: Do I like writing? It is really difficult to answer this question because I should not only stop for a while and think carefully about the meaning of the question but also analyze different aspects of the writing process. 

       To start with, I am totally convinced that writing can be an excellent tool to express feelings and thoughts, which are really difficult to express in oral discourse. It is may be because when a person writes, one can think calmly what to say and how to say that. On the other hand, I also know that oral discourse is more spontaneous than written expression. I think it is because of the help of body gestures, which are very important in communication.

       Coming back to my initial question, I am not so sure about my answer, since I realize I like, but I do not enjoy writing something when it is required by someone else. The main reason for that has to do with the fact that I have to be aware of the different grammatical rules, as well as the coherence and cohesion of the text. The strange thing is that when I do not feel fine, when I have a problem, I usually find myself writing about it. At that moment, I feel writing is the best way to express not only my thoughts but also my feelings.

       I am really sure of the importance of writing, since it expresses how you are as person, it makes your thinking visible and it helps you move easily among facts. Besides, the most important thing is that writing is communication; you can communicate with others when they are not where you are or at different time that you are. To my point of view, that was one of the most attractive characteristics of writing.

     To conclude, I can affirm that I think I am a real writer only when I feel relaxed, when I need to express my feelings and opinions about something in which I am interested. In others words, I consider myself an authentic writer when I enjoy doing that, when I create the situation, not when it is imposed to me by someone else, when it is an authoritative or aggressive situation.

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